Learning Leaps

Entering Grades 1 & 2

Authors in Training

Imaginations run wild when students write, illustrate and read children’s books. This multi-sensory approach teaches young readers and spellers to segment, sequence and blend sounds into words. Auditory discrimination, tracking and directionality also help students organize their writing and reading skills.

The Facts About Math

Hands-on learning makes exploring mathematics and its facts fun. Students learn basic addition, subtraction and regrouping through innovative multi-sensory lessons and story problems. Interactive play and math games allow beginners plenty of opportunities to practice computation skills while becoming student fact finders.

Science Factory/Organized Activities

Weekly science themes combine age-appropriate content and hands-on experiments. Students absorb scientific understanding through creative opportunities for both learning and fun.

Session Dates (one-week duration)

June 18-22
June 25-29
July 2-6
July 9-13
July 16-20
July 23-27
July 30-August 3
August 6-10

Session Hours

Academic Morning 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Session Tuition

Please see our Edge Afternoons page to create a full day program!
8224 Lochinver Lane, Potomac, Maryland 20854  240.395.0690  summeredge@mcleanschool.org