COVID-19 Policies and Procedures 2023

CDC, state and county-mandated COVID-19 safety guidelines and precautions will be followed diligently. Anyone coming to campus must adhere to these requirements:


Face masks are currently optional at SummerEdge. Should this policy change, families will be notified in writing by the Camp Director. If your camper elects to wear a face mask, we ask that they please follow these guidelines:

  • We recommend KN-95 or N-95 but any face masks should be two-ply and cover both the mouth and nose, with few gaps around the edges.
  • Masks may not advocate violence, sex, or the use of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; contain any political statement or symbol; or display symbols that demean any individual or group (i.e. racial, ethnic, religious).

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

In accordance with McLean School’s commitment to the safety of our community, all SummerEdge participants are required to be fully vaccinated (full primary series) against COVID-19.

If your child is NOT a current McLean School student, please remember to upload a copy or photo of your camper’s COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Your child’s admission may be suspended if their proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not uploaded before their first day of camp.

To upload, please log back into your account with your username and password and follow these steps:

  • Go to: View My Completed Registrations
  • Under Summer 2023 click the blue View Details button (you will have to do this for each child)
  • Under Upload Documents click the green Upload button for each document you want to upload. If your document is multiple pages, please make sure to upload them as an individual file.

Additional Protections

In addition to the primary protocols, we have included more information about these areas of enhanced protection below.

First Aid Office

Our health room staff is committed to high standards of prevention and response protocols to keep our campers and staff safe and healthy. For their own protection, our Med Tech will utilize additional PPE when appropriate. Anyone showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be isolated in a secondary space and asked to leave (adult) or be picked up (camper) immediately.


All classrooms and offices are equipped with air purifiers using HEPA filters. The HVAC system has been adjusted to maximize the fresh air makeup in the building, and will run two hours prior to the start of each camp day and one hour at the end of the day to flush the system.

When Someone Gets Sick

While it is of course our hope that no one at SummerEdge contracts COVID-19, there is always the possibility that someone in our community will get sick. Should that happen, we will act immediately and with transparency to contain the spread as quickly and successfully as possible. As required by law, McLean/SummerEdge will notify the Montgomery County Public Health Officer and the Maryland Department of Health of all suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 and abide fully by their guidance related to disinfecting, quarantining, contact tracing, notifications, etc. Please note that we will not release the name of anyone suspected of or testing positive for COVID-19.

Symptoms While at Camp

We have established a dedicated and isolated space for any camper or staff displaying COVID-19 symptoms while at camp.

If a camper is experiencing symptoms that suggest COVID-19 or has a temperature above 100 degrees, regardless of other symptoms, parents will be notified to pick up their child immediately.

Symptoms While Outside of Camp

Again, monitoring ourselves and our campers for symptoms is a responsibility we share in order to keep our community as safe and healthy as possible. Please do not send your child to camp if they are sick, and notify the Camp Director as soon as possible by phone or email.

Returning to Camp after a Confirmed Case of COVID

Should your camper become positive with COVID-19, they must complete 5 days of isolation. On the 6th day your camper can return but must wear a mask until all COVID-19 symptoms have subsided.