Preventing the Summer Slide

One of our campers said it best: “SummerEdge is like school, except not!” That’s because we believe that in the right environment, with educators who care about who you are and how you think, learning can be low stress — with high rewards.

SummerEdge is an extension of McLean’s academic year program, where kids benefit from deep and professional expertise in a positive learning environment. By the end of the summer, everyone will have a success story to share — and can start the new school year feeling confident, connected, and eager to build on what they’ve learned!

Summer learning loss is preventable. The opportunity to work on academic skills over the summer in a supportive environment fosters children’s self esteem, grows their self confidence, and ensures a positive attitude towards school.

Our ValuesWe Believe:

  • Learning should be fun.
  • Connection is key.
  • Continuity is important.
  • Mind and body work together.
  • Every child can be successful!