Brain Camp

Brain Camp

Stay Sharp This Summer (Age 4 - Grade 6)

SummerEdge Brain Camp helps students age 4 through Grade 6 maintain the skills and strategies they learned throughout the school year and prepare them for the coming Fall.  In order to combat Summer learning loss, Brain Camp specifically targets essential learning skills in math, reading, writing, and science. 

Our talented faculty, many of whom are teachers at McLean, make academic work fun over the summer with a variety of hands-on learning activities.  Campers strengths are acknowledged and challenges always supported.  

Brain Camp Academic Summer Programs

We offer several different academic-focused summer camp programs. Take a look at them below to learn more about what Brain Camp can provide. If you are looking for a weekly schedule, you can find it here (insert link for camp schedule) 

  • Movin’ On Up: Designed for students entering Pre-K (must be 4 years old by June 1st) and Kindergarten. In this program, campers will participate in engaging and fun reading, mathematics, and science-themed activities that will help them build necessary foundational academic skills.  
  • Learning Leaps: This program is meant for students entering Grades 1 and 2. Campers will write, illustrate, and read children’s books while also exploring math with hands-on learning and conduct science experiments.


  • Master Minds: Created for students entering Grades 3 and 4, the Master Minds program focuses on reading, writing, and math skills. Campers will be exposed to different genres of literature, new ways to approach writing assignments, and several different skills necessary for math success. 

  •  Keep It Fresh: Grades 5 and 6 campers experience a program that brings math, reading, and writing to the forefront. Campers will strengthen their reading analysis skills, practice mathematical skills and problem-solving through every-day activities, and master the six stages of writing.

Intensive Programs

Intensive Academic Summer Camp

Jump Into Next Year (Grades 1-8)

For students looking to retain academic growth from the school year and improve their skills, our intensive academic summer camp programs are the perfect fit. Particularly focused on math, reading, and writing, these intensive programs cater to campers in both lower and middle school. With low student to teacher ratios, we ensure each camper is given the proper attention and instruction needed to excel throughout the summer and into the next school year.

In addition to providing individualized instruction, we conduct pre and post evaluations to highlight areas of strength and challenge. These evaluations allow our teachers to best understand the profile of each camper, hone in on problems, and address them.  Our post evaluation at the end of the course and then documents all the improvements made, as well as offer valuable recommendations.

Concentrated Academic Summer Camp Programs

Our intensive academic summer camp programs revolve around reading, writing, and math courses. Learn more about our offerings below.

  • Lower School Math: Made for campers entering Grades 1-4, the Lower School Math program incorporates hands-on activities to engage students and reinforce grade-appropriate math skills and concepts such as number sense, place value, rounding and estimation, addition and subtraction, and more. 

  • Middle School Math: Designed for campers entering Grades 5-8, this program has students in Grades 5-6 focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, and decimals and percents. Grandes 7-8, on the other hand, take on simple equations, variables, geometry, and other pre-algebraic concepts.

  • Lower School Writing: This program is made for campers entering Grades 3-5 and has campers working on writing, grammar, spelling, brainstorming, and editing while also working on memory strategies. 

  • Middle School Writing: Created for campers entering Grades 6-8, this multi-sensory course incorporates learning word choice, a variety of sentence structures, and paragraph development. 

  • Lower School Reading: This academic summer camp program is made for campers entering Grades 1-5 that struggle with reading on the phonetic or comprehension level. The program involves small group instruction that highlights reading fluency, word studies, and vocabulary programs. 

  • Middle School Reading: Campers entering Grades 5-8 will focus on strengthening their reading and writing skills through activities involving comprehension, reading fluency, visualization, vocabulary, and critical thinking. 
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